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Scleral Cover Shells

Impression Fitted Ocular Prostheses

Custom Ocular Prostheses

A flush fitting opaque acrylic scleral cover fitted over a phthisical or eviscerated globe. iris, pupil, scleral tint, and vascular pattern are hand duplicated in detail to match the fellow eye.
A technique of making a custom prosthesis based upon an alginate impression of the globe and/or socket.
Is a  ocular prosthesis fitted and fabricated to match all of the specific details of an individual patient 's natural globe, utilizing fitting and fabricating techniques. iris, pupil, scleral tone, and vascular pattern must match the fellow eye. 


Surgical Conformers

Expansion Conformers

Is a plastic shell/shape used to prevent collapse or closing of a cavity, vessel, or opening during surgical repair, and/or post-operative healing.
Is a series of therapeutic conformers to help enlarge the contracted socket or malformed socket. expansion conformers are custom fitted at the office visit based on the individual case.
Is a ocular prosthesis with acceptable esthetics to restore facial symmetry and normal appearance for the anophthalmic patient.